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This informational platform is created to raise awareness on the topic of allergy. We strive to bring the most relevant content about different types of allergies and cause-effect that can appear.

Our day people face a lot of challenges that bring stress in day to day life. All these effects on health status and strength of the immune system that can lead to the appearance of allergy. Not only stresses are the reason of allergy, market flooded with all types of products can be the reason for the sudden allergy strike.

* 50% of children and young people have one or more allergy within the first 18 years of life (Journal of Clinical & Experimental Allergy, 2009)

* Allergy is expected to affect more than 50% of all US citizens in 10 years’ time (EAACI, 2011)

* 6–8% of children have a proven food allergy (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 2011)

* Up to 1 in 5 allergic people suffer a serious debilitating disease and are in fear of death from a possible asthma attack or anaphylactic shock (EAACI, 2011)

More than 67 million Americans suffer from allergy symptoms, including hay fever. But, what is an allergy? What is an allergic reaction? What are common allergy symptoms? What allergy treatments are available?

These are the questions we want to answer and hope you’ll find them useful.

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